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The Center recently launched a new initiative to facilitate larger-scale research projects that capitalize on the cumulative expertise of WFSC members and promote a food systems approach and the synergies made possible by the Center.

These Flagship Projects or Platforms are envisioned as:

  • Visionary and potentially high risk;
  • Cutting across thematic focus areas to take a food systems or whole of value chain approach;
  • Bringing together multiple PIs with disciplinary expertise to enable an interdisciplinary approach to a common topic; and
  • Involving key stakeholders from industry, government, and/or not-for-profit organisations, in non-competitive roles,
    representing different aspects of the food system.

Current projects

This project is an initiative of the ETH Zurich World Food System Center, the Sustainable Agroecosystems Group, the Climate Policy Group, and the TdLab. Initiated in 2013, it takes on the question, "with so much uncertainty and complexity, how can we make food systems more sustainable under multiple, unpredictable drivers of change?


This project is an initiative of the ETH Zurich and the World Food System Center. Started in May 2016, it strives to educate ETH students about the disruptive effects of digitalization in the AgroFood sector and empower them to develop strategic solutions.

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