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The Center’s members have defined three thematic focus areas around we frame our research activities. These themes:

  • are interdisciplinary and of significant importance in relation to food and nutrition security;
  • reflect the expertise of the members;
  • are where ETH can provide significant scientific contributions;
  • reflect opportunities for collaborations across disciplines and with external partners.

Meanwhile the Center maintains a systems approach and an orientation to addressing world food system challenges. Inter-linkages among themes are recognized and work at the intersection of these areas is especially encouraged.

Three Thematic Focus Areas

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Sustainable Production Systems


Establishing sustainable food production systems that are resilient in the face of increasing perturbations.

The key topics covered include:

  • The principles, design and management of agroecological systems, and their products, across scales;
  • Improving resilience against system disturbances and managing tradeoffs between intensification, sustainability and diversity;
  • Improving resource use efficiency, eliminating waste and losses and closing material flow cycles;
  • Increasing both genetic and system diversity and harnessing new technological opportunities for sustainable production and food security;
  • Developing novel approaches to urban and peri-urban agriculture;
  • The role and impact of biodiversity and ecosystem services on food production.

Resilient Food Markets


Creating and connecting to effective food markets that create value for all stakeholders.

The key topics covered include:

  • Certification and standards for sustainable food systems;
  • Technology transfer and adaptation to developing contexts;
  • Improving access to market information and infrastructure;
  • Use of agricultural by-products and waste to create value-added products;
  • Opening and establishing new markets for value-added products for specific consumer needs;
  • Analyzing the impact of agricultural and environmental policies and interventions on food markets and value chains.

Healthy Food

healthy food

Design and processing for safe, accessible, high quality and healthy food and food products.

The key topics covered include:

  • Sustainable technologies for enhancing food quality and safety;
  • Systems approaches to address micronutrient deficiencies;
  • Sustainable protein value chains;
  • Healthy and sustainable food behavior and choices;
  • Personalized and functional foods to prevent and manage chronic disease.
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