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Stampfenbachstrasse 52/56, 8092 Zürich

Please note: ETH Zurich uses maps from for its location search. If you are searching for a location that does not yet appear on the maps, you can use the ETH Zurich pdf overview.


How to get here from the main station (Zurich HB): Exiting the main hall of the station at Bahnhofquai, head north then turn right to cross the Limmat River on Walche bridge. Continue up Walchestrasse until Stampfenbachplatz. Travel through the square, heading northeast, until you meet Stampfenbachstrasse. Continue north on Stampfenbachstrasse until reaching 52/56. Our offices on the fifth floor; just ring the doorbell! 

The walk is 450m (quarter mile) in length.

How to find us from the main building of ETH Zurich (ETH HG): Walk down Leonhardstrasse, continuing all the way down to the stairs of Weinbergfussweg. Turn left to head down the stairs, cross Weinbergstrasse, and continue down the next set of stairs called Leonhard-Treppe. The stairs end at Stampfenbachstrasse; turn right on the street and head up to 52/56. Our offices on the fifth floor; just ring the doorbell!  

The walk is 900 m (half mile) in length.

In case you have difficulties finding us, please give us a call: +41 44 632 31 62.

Note: The postcode of our building location is 8006; however, we use the ETH-wide code of 8092 for all communuications.

Find further information about locations at ETH Zentrum or Campus Hönggerberg here.

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