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WFSC Structure and Governance

The core of the WFSC is formed by the member group, which in 2013 comprised of 39 professors from seven different departments of the ETH Zurich and three different groups of eawag.

The Steering Committee, formed by a group of ten elected members and led by a Chair, oversees the strategy and operational functions carried out by the Executive Office.

Partnership Model

We strive to work with others in strategic partnerships to achieve together what no partner could achieve on their own. This core value forms the basis for how the Center develops and implements all projects, programs and activities. The food system is complex and includes a wide variety of stakeholders and interests.

To facilitate greater exchange within academia and between academia and external partners and stakeholders, the WFSC:

  • engages with multiple stakeholders and disciplinary perspectives to frame challenges, produce new knowledge, and evaluate and implement solutions;
  • promotes education that targets key stakeholders and is developed based on real-world challenges and contexts; and
  • supports and participates in networks that foster communication and outreach.

The Scientific Advisory Board of six external advisors provides strategic advice to the Steering Committee and connections to key external organizations.

The Partnership Council is formed by foundations and industry partners who make substantial donations to the programs of the Center through the ETH Foundation.

We also work with a variety of Collaborative Partners.

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