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A healthy world through sustainable food systems.

The World Food System Center was established at ETH Zurich based on the belief that the real-world solutions needed to tackle the challenges our food system faces require collaboration from global and local stakeholders across the entire food value chain.

In order to do this, we support multi- and transdisciplinary approaches to addressing these challenges through research, education, and outreach activities that contribute to sustainable food security.

Latest News from the WFSC

20.06.2016 | Nina Buchmann

Was wäre, wenn?

1816 - The Year Without Summer: The eruption of the Tambora volcano in 1815 had huge effects globally, particularly in eastern Switzerland. Low temperatures, high rainfall, bad harvests, poverty, death, and emigration. "Was wäre, wenn?", "What if?" asks a blog by WFSC Chair Nina Buchmann, published within an event series about this special year.  Read more 

16.06.2016 | Bastian Flury, ETH Zürich

Sustainable Catering on the Campus

We usually envision sustainable development in the halls of academia as research and teaching in environmental sciences, engineering and architecture. What we barely think of, however, is food – and food on campus even less. This is what our initiative aims to change. Read more 

09.06.2016 | Dr. Isabelle Gangnat, ETH Zürich

Fleisch essen oder nicht?

Wer bewusst konsumiert, ist fast täglich mit der Frage konfrontiert, ob tierische Lebensmittel auf unseren Menüplan gehören oder nicht. Eine Orientierungshilfe könnte sein, wie nachhaltig produziert wird. Allein, was eine nachhaltige Tierproduktion bedeutet, ist in der Forschung umstritten. Read more 

30.05.2016 | WFSC

Bruno Studer appointed Professor for Molecular Plant Breeding

WFSC Member Bruno Studer, currently Assistant Professor for Forage Crop Genetics, has been appointed Professor of Molecular Plant Breeding by the ETH Board. Read more 

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World Food System Conference 2015

The WFSC organized an international conference from June 21-26 to bring together researchers to discuss ways in which they are "Tackling World Food System Challenges." It took place at Monte Verità, the ETH Zurich conference venue in Ascona, Switzerland run by the Congressi Stefano Franscini.

Find information about the program, the presentations, and more

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