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A healthy world through sustainable food systems.

The World Food System Center was established at ETH Zurich based on the belief that the real-world solutions needed to tackle the challenges our food system faces require collaboration from global and local stakeholders across the entire food value chain.

In order to do this, we support multi- and transdisciplinary approaches to addressing these challenges through research, education, and outreach activities that contribute to sustainable food security.

Latest News from the WFSC

21.02.2017 | Editorial team

Selenium deficiency promoted by climate change

As a result of climate change, concentrations of the trace element selenium in soils are likely to decrease. Because the selenium content of crops may also be reduced, the risk of selenium deficiency could be increased in many regions of the world. This was shown by a recent study which used data-mining to model the global distribution of selenium. Read more 

16.02.2017 | WFSC

Intercropping improves soil fertility

A recent article by the Austrian news broadcaster ORF features researcher Gina Garland, doctoral student in the Sustainable Agroecosystems group of WFSC member Prof. Johan Six. Her research focuses on the intercropping of maize and pigeon pea to improve soil composition and fertility. Read more 

15.02.2017 | Fabio Bergamin

Laissez-faire is not good enough for reforestation

If degraded and logged areas of tropical forests are left to nature, the populations of certain endangered tree species are not able to recover. This applies in particular to trees with large fruit where the seeds are distributed by birds, as ETH scientists have shown in a rainforest in India. Read more 

08.02.2017 | WFSC

Insects on our Dinner Plates-Is that the Future?

In a recent episode of the Radio SRF 1 show Forum , the upcoming catagorization of three insects as commercial food in Switzerland was discussed. WFSC member Alexander Mathys, Professor of Sustainable Food Processing, took part in the panel discussion with listeners. Read more 

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World Food System Conference 2015

The WFSC organized an international conference from June 21-26 to bring together researchers to discuss ways in which they are "Tackling World Food System Challenges." It took place at Monte Verità, the ETH Zurich conference venue in Ascona, Switzerland run by the Congressi Stefano Franscini.

Find information about the program, the presentations, and more

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