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The overall objective of the WFSC education activities is to build the capacity of the next generation of decision makers who can provide leadership in all issues related to sustainable food systems. The Center aims to do this by creating, maintaining, and facilitating a space for learning about food systems that is scientifically grounded, yet practically oriented and socially inclusive.

The educational programs are designed to explore all aspects of the food system, and are not bounded by the three thematic focus areas that frame our research activities. They are designed to be complementary with existing ETH curricula.

Our education activities take an explicitly interdisciplinary and systems approach, using innovative methods to provide students with new tools and ways of thinking necessary for tackling the challenges of the world food system. We offer opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at the ETH Zurich, other Swiss universities and colleges, and institutions abroad.

To achieve these objectives, the Center’s core educational activities are:

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