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The World Food System Center offers a variety of programs that provide research, education, and professional development opportunities to eligible professors, researchers, and students.

World Food System Grants Platform

The Center's WFS Grants platform awards 1.4 million CHF in competitive research grants annually and currently manages two competitive reseach programs. 

The Coop Research Program on Sustainability in Food Value Chains supports postdoctoral research positions and the Mercator Research Program on Organic Production Systems for Global Food Security supports PhD student positions.

Information about these programs, open calls, and proposal submission guidelines are all availabe on the WFS Grants Platform pages.

WFSC Ambassadors

The Center's Ambassador program offers support for short-term travel or study programs, professional development exchanges, and similar acdtivities. Eligibilty for these grants is restricted to WFSC Summer School Alumni and students and postdocs working with WFSC members on food systems topics related to organic production systems. Additional information is on the WFSC Ambassadors page.

Open Positions

Open research positons with WFSC members and other positions at ETH or with one of our partners are posted on the Open Positions page.

Additional openings may be posted directly on members' own webpages.

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