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REDES Workshop  
REDES Workshop at ETH Zurich, February 2013. Photo: Maya Jörg

One of the Center's three core activities areas is outreach that supports dissemination of new knowledge to key stakeholders and translation into real-world impact.

The overall goals for our outreach activities are to:

  • increase the impact of research by supporting the dissemination and implementation of resarch findings;
  • increase public awareness of the challenges of the world food system and the solution approaches;
  • act as an initial reference location for food relevant issues at the ETH; and
  • increase the visibility of the work, impact, potential, and expertise of the ETH in food systems.

This involves providing ongoing opportunities to learn and finding supportive ways to assist the scientists with whom we work to communicate the lessons, methods, and findings they are learning in other WFSC activities.

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