200 tons food waste in Switzerland per day


Must that be? A recent episode of the SNF 1 program Einstein highlights current research into food waste. Dr. Christina Hartmann, a postdoctoral researcher in the Consumer Behavior group of WFSC member Prof. Michael Siegrist, provides insights from their study on what food consumers find “disgusting.”

SFR 1 Einstein
Image: SRF 1

The SNF 1 program Einstein recently (11 May 2017) focused on the topic of food waste, with different aspects highlighted such as consumer perception of “old” food, amounts and types of wasted food, new research into innovative “used-by” labels, and the effects of food waste regulations in South Korea.

Dr. Hartmann commented on her study of what foods consumers find most revolting- those gone “bad’ themselves or those that have been touched by something the consumer deems revolting. For example, if one finds a worm in a plate of potatoes, the potatoes are not inedible, but the eater still finds them revolting. This sensitivity is individual, and strategies are needed to prepare such “revolting” food items in such a way as to make them appetizing.

Watch the entire episode of Einstein here and find further tips on how to reduce food waste in our households here (in German). See Dr. Christina Hartmann comments at 6:45.

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